Madico SafetyShield ® Window Films.

Protect yourself from global destructive forces through our perfectly engineered window films

What Are Madico SafetyShield®  window films?

Madico USA window films for Security Shielding assists in reducing the risks related to death, injury, damage and also protects during natural disasters and crime. Available in a variety of shades, flair and ranks, from bombings to natural disasters these films are specially designed to work as a great shield. This is a 200 micron double-laminated safety film specially engineered to deal with extremely dangerous situations related to humanity and environment. We have experts for specialized application of Madico SafetyShield® window film.

SafetyShield Films

  • SafetyShield 700 PS SR
  • SafetyShield 800 PS SR
  • SafetyShield 1500 PS SR
  • SafetyShield 800 RS 20 PS SR
  • SafetyShield 800 RS 40 PS SR
  • SafetyShield 800 DG 35 PS SR
  • SafetyShield 800 DG 45 PS SR

Anchoring Systems

We provide 5 types of Anchoring restraint systems keeping in mind the specific requirements of our clientele. All patented and proprietary – Our specialized analysts will assist you in evaluating the appropriate systems keeping the threat and damage levels in consideration.


The FramGrad™ System specially designed to enhance the frame grip of the treated glass during an unforeseen incident. The process involves clamping of a filmed glass to the window frame with mechanical system. It prevents a specific movement of the glass during an incident by improving the principle of edge battening, allowing the film to move under applied load without forcing the frame and its edges. This system assists the engineers and installers to analyze the torque setting for every project individually.



The GullWing® Anchoring System, is combined with SafetyShield window film to sustain and absorb the force that a glass is subjected to during an incident and shift the load over the entire glazed opening. By transferring the load of an incident, this systems is designed to stop the glass particles from entering the room.



The LifeLine® Anchoring System is a basic restraint system that enhances a regular window film to minimize all sorts of damages during a huge blast. It works as a part of the normal application of SafetyShield film. There are special cords in this system which hold the glass and returns it to the direction it came from. Blast tested up to 10 psi, this system is mostly required by factories and manufacturing units.


Wet Glaze

The Wet Glaze Anchoring System works as a firm shield during any kind of glass breakage. Designed and engineered to absorb and sustain the force subjected to the glass and minimizes the pressure through the glazed opening. Prevents the broken particles of the glass to enter the room, this system works best in retrofit applications and is built around triangular sealant joint joining the fil to the supporting framework.

Wet Glaze


Madico SafetyShield is comprehensively tested by independent testing facilities, meets Safety Glazing criteria as defined by CPSC the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Underwriters Laboratories. Keeping history in mind safetyshield window films are used for a variety of applications with exposure to high explosive charges and shock tube blast mitigations. Unlike other window film manufacturers, Madico’s films always exceed the requirements of U.S. and international standards for safety and security.

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