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Architectural Film Installation Services

Maintaining cool temperatures in commercial and residential buildings can be difficult due to penetrative sun and heat rays, in the UAE. Glass windows cannot do much to control heat penetration. This causes an increase in interior temperatures and cooling costs.
Our commercial and residential sun control window films can help maintain low interior temperatures and thus reduce cooling costs as well. We can provide you with counsel and on-site installation services, of these films, to protect your buildings, from the summer heat, to your satisfaction.


Automotive Film Installation Services

Sitting in cars, trucks, ships and other enclosed vehicles can be very difficult in the summers in the United Arab Emirates. No matter how effective an air conditioner is, the summer heat will always cause an increase in temperature.
You can hire our tint and protection installation services, to protect the interiors of your auto motives from damage caused by UV rays, heat rays, high temperatures and sunlight.


Safety & Security Film Installation Services

Intruders can invade your privacy by looking through your windows while vandals can use spray paints and graffiti at any hour of any day. Blasts and natural disasters can smash your windows or cause them to crack.
We can provide you with excellent on-site installation services. Our team of expert applicators will measure your windows, prior to application of safety and security films so they can apply these films according to your needs and requirements.

100 % Quality Assurance

Solar Shield Emirates works in collaboration with one of the largest film producers in the world, MADICO USA. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality and durable films and strive for excellence.

We assure you that every film is tested and approved by MADICO USA, before it is launched into the market.

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