Why Employ Our Residential Window Safety and Security Filming Service

Protect your windows from heat, dust, sunlight intrusions and safety risks our aid and security window films. Solar shield emirates offers high quality and previously proven films. Our Safety & Security Window Films are manufactured in specialized environments in order to achieve optimum quality. These Safety & Security Window Films provide extra protection in almost all kinds of dangerous situations. Through their protective abilities they make positive contributions to the safety & security industry.

Benefits of residential window safety and security films

  1. Reflects UV Rays
  2. Protects against the sun’s heat
  3. Can be replaced at any time
  4. Darker shades protects against intrusion

Residential window safety and security film installation service by Solar Shield Emirates

The skilled staffs, employed at Solar Shield Emirates, will provide you with instructions and solutions so you can protect your household from trespassers, burglars, thieves and anyone else that might break into your house. Our specialized task force intends to satisfy clients with their best possible approach. Our service before and after the project is a proof of our dedication towards the client and projects. Not only the window films but our application service provides extra protection as we have vast industrial experience. Customer feedback assists us in making our projects better in all aspects.

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