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Solar Shields Emirates is the only distributor of films produced by MADICO, U.S.A, in the gulf. For Product Inquiry, we have a team of applicators that are well-experienced and have a plethora of knowledge regarding the application, utility and purpose of these films.

Solar Shields Emirates offers the following types of films to businesses and customers: Safety (Anti-Shatter & Blast Mitigation), Architectural, Solar Heat rejection, Decorative.

Safety & Security Films

These films are used to protect buildings from blasts, noise pollution, intruders, thefts, hurricanes and other external factors that might affect your windows.

Architectural Films

Our architectural window films will improve the efficiency of your workers by reducing glare and heat. Additionally, these films will help control the impact of the sun on the interiors of your home, office or building.

Automotive Films

Our automotive films can protect the interior of your vehicle from heat, UV rays and sunlight. This will reduce damage caused by heat, help maintain low temperatures and reduce the stress placed on your engine.

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