Automotive Protection Window Films

Don’t worry about the hard weather or scratches on your car. Automotive Protection Films will keep your car protected.

What are Automotive Protection Films?

Automotive protection films are manufactured to deliver longevity to the aesthetic element of your vehicle. By reinforcing the windows with a protective layer, the physical properties of our protection films reduce glare intensity, prevent UV rays from entering the vehicle and reduces load on the car’s engine. This reduces fuel consumption and will help save maintenance expenditures and costs, too.

Benefits of Automotive Protection Films on your Automotive

  • Reflects sun rays and maintains cool internal temperatures
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Reduces glare
  • Reinforces all forms of glass it is applied on
  • Reduces maintenance costs

Which Automotive Protection Film is shock-proof and improves reflectivity?

Advanced Ceramic Madico Film

Solar Shield Emirates’ Advanced Ceramic Madico Film reduces your vehicle’s running costs and improves aesthetics too. The film helps in the following ways:

  1. Reduces internal temperatures
  2. Reduction in strain placed on the engine
  3. Improves and protects aesthetics
  4. Glare reduction
  5. Prevents theft by reinforcing all forms of glass it is applied on
Automotive Protection Window Films

Drive safe and protect your car from heat, glares and shock.

Which Automotive Protection Film improves reflectivity?

Madico Window Tint

Solar Shield Emirates offers two distinctive films: Onyx and Charcool Madico film tints.

They offer the following features:

  • Up to 100 percent UV protection
  • Up to 66 percent Sun Ray Protection
  • Easy removal and installation
  • GPS and radio signal friendly
car window protection film

Get rid of glares and visual disruptions and drive your car safely!

Which Automotive Protection Film reflects sunlight?

Wincos Tint Films

Another popular product that falls into the tint category is Wincos. It is available in several forms. Details of the product have been enlisted below.

Features (All metrics are in %)

Wincos 20

Wincos 30

Wincos 70

Visible Light Transmitted 38 34 68
Visible Light Reflected 5 5 7
Solar Energy Transmitted 17 22 37
Solar Energy Reflected 5 5 6
Solar Energy Absorption 78 73 57
IR Rejection 92 92 92
UV Ray Rejection 99 99 99
Total Solar Energy Rejected 57 53 44

Tint your windows , drive safe and keep your interiors cool!

Installation Services We offer in Automotive Protection

We strive to satisfy our customers and ever-growing clientele. Thus we have a staff of employees that provide excellent customer services and are equipped with the kind of tools and knowledge that will enable you to make a decision regarding our installation services.

Film installation

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